Trisomy 18 Foundation


8 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Thanks for sharing Daniel & Kelly. We have been and will continue to pray for your family of three. God will lift you up in the most amazing ways We love you guys! The Ten Haves


  2. God bless you Crawfords. We have a trisomy baby girl in our family who went to be with Jesus on her 7th day of life. A pure miracle that she was ever able to breath no less live. is her page. This is my sisters daughter. We live in Dallas if you need a resource for post-birth care. My sister would love to share her experience if it is of help?
    Praying for your baby now!


  3. Our friends in Denver have beautiful little girl who will turn 3 on February 2nd who has Trisomy 18. God has been using her little life like He is using Abel’s. Be encouraged, there is hope even if healing doesn’t come. God works miracles in the midst of Trisomy 18. Look me up on Facebook if you want their contact info to hear what they have learned and for encouragement from them. Waiting with your family and praying for peace.


  4. Lifting your sweet special family up in prayer. Thank you for inviting us along on your journey. Thank you for choosing life for Abel. God bless you as you treasure and love him. Thank you for shedding light on cold terms such as “birth defects” and “Chromosomal abnormalities”, for putting skin and flesh on them and attaching a beautiful soul for us to embrace. ❤


  5. Don’t know you guys, but have been following your story. Know that you have people all around you standing with you in prayer. We serve such a BIG God who can do even bigger things. Sending love to your family and little Abel.


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