A Quick Thanksgiving Update

Our visit today was to Dr. Amy Martin (Kelly’s doc) as opposed to Dr. Magee (Abel’s doc). Since Dr. Martin will be delivering our son when the time comes, we thought it’d be valuable to get more touch points with her down the stretch here. While she has spent less time with us, we left today feeling like Dr. Martin has a clear understanding of our worldview, and overall what is most important to us as we approach Abel’s birth (which in a nutshell is TIME with our son, and as much of it as possible).
We saw Abel there on ultrasound today, still growing like a stud and moving all around & about. We are at 30.5 weeks and are praying to get to & through at least 34 weeks en route to the full 40. All measurements would indicate that things are still progressing well, so on we go til we’re back with Dr. Magee next week!  As a not-so-fun bonus for the mama today, Kelly got tested for gestational diabetes. This was mostly just as a precaution, and we will be quick to let you know if we hear back anything concerning, but it made for a hearty little “fast” through the morning followed by a face full of pizza at 1pm … Girl don’t play.
We continue to be blown away by the influence our unborn son is able to have on the hearts of those around us. Even just today, a sweet new friend named Brandy who works in Dr. Martin’s office was moved to tears  as she talked to us about reading this blog. That touches us. Additionally this afternoon, my friend Todd who serves as our senior pastor at Watermark included this in a Staff-wide email:
  • “Thanks to Abel Crawford, I have been more effectively praying for members of our body who are suffering from health related issues every day beginning at 1:29 pm.  Would love to know if I can add any of you to that time as I pray for Daniel, Kelly, baby Abel […] and others.  Daniel..your son has made me a more consistent intercessor for His people and I am eternally grateful for that as a result.”
For Thanksgiving this week, both sides of our family will be coming UP from Houston and DOWN from Oklahoma to be with us… Thanks to the sacrificial effort made on their part and the generosity of other church friends who’ve blessed us with their vacant homes this week, we hope Abel’s first big family holiday will be a lifelong special memory!
Truly, each and every week feels like a “thanksgiving” week for us, and it’s all because of each and every one of YOU who have been supporting us over these past several months with your prayers and words of encouragement. This season is far from over, but we’ve already reflected on the fact that a primary takeaway has been the Lord’s provision in & through His people… so from the bottom of our hearts, we THANK you all.

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