We have officially rounded the corner into the third & final trimester as this past weekend rung in the 28th week with our first child, Abel Paul. As many of you who have been praying alongside us will know (see 1:29PM post), a full 40-week pregnancy projects Abel to be born on 1/29/2016. Doctor Magee told us a couple months back that this 28th week would be an encouraging check-point to reach in this journey… so here we are, and all it takes is one glance at his Mama to see that young Abel is continuing to grow & develop 🙂  That said, we are always realistic about the strong chance that our little guy may jump the gun on his late January due date. Hopefully Kelly carries him into 2016, but it’s oddly possible that Abel could be born any week now. In other words, his  arrival is  imminent.
I came across that same term in my very limited Bible study of the end times, also called ‘eschatology’. (I wish it weren’t the case, but if I’m honest I feel like blogging about ‘the end of days’ can get weird in a hurry – so  to be brief & to the point…) The doctrine of IMMINENCE  tells us that the long-awaited second coming of Christ could occur at any moment — that there are no further milestones in this  Church Age that need to occur in order for Jesus to return for His people and establish His kingdom on earth once & for all. And while Scripture is abundantly clear that we will NOT know exactly when this moment will come (Luke 12:40, Matt 13:13), it DOES teach us that we are to live in the ever-present awareness that it could happen today  (Revelation 1:3, Mark 13:33, James 5:8).
As it pertains to the imminence of both Abel’s arrival & Jesus’ second coming, we have been reflecting on some  comparisons, as well as some definite contrasts:

As we await the arrival of our son, Abel…

  • We can’t wait to see him in our world. We are EXCITED to have this baby, and love him so much already.
  • His arrival nevertheless comes with a huge degree of UNCERTAINTY, which scares the hell out of us.  We simply don’t know (and won’t know until delivery day) what the circumstances surrounding his birth will be… and that can keep us up at night when we don’t stop to be reminded by God’s Word and God’s people that HE, not we, are sovereignly in control. It’s pretty much impossible to make sense of it, but we know that whether Abel is born well, he lives for hours/days, or he’s stillborn (our ultimate nightmare) that God is good, and He can be trusted… that He’s a better Father than I will ever be.
  • Even if the Lord chooses to glorify Himself by healing our son’s condition (as we are praying fervently that He will), we know that we will continue to experience & endure suffering in a world that is broken by sin, just like Jesus did (1 Peter 4:12-13)

As we await the second arrival of our Lord, Jesus…

  • We can’t wait to see him in our world again. We are EXCITED for Christ to return and reign forever. I know… This is bizarre. But we believe it’s true.
  • His arrival comes with glorious & complete CERTAINTY… He will dwell amongst His people again, eliminate suffering once & for all, and bring about the eternal wellness of every believer who has trusted in Him by grace through faith (Revelation 21:3-5, Eph 2:8-9). Despite seasons of life where it feels like we’re losing the battle, we know that ultimate victory is ours… through Jesus’ fully sufficient atonement on the cross, “It is finished.”
We eagerly anticipate the nearness of Abel’s arrival… and right alongside that, we have a renewed passion & longing for the imminence of Christ’s second & final arrival.  If we’re honest, before Abel, we would say that we acknowledged Jesus’ return at a head level, but didn’t YEARN for it at a heart level. Since Abel came into our lives, that has changed. Help us prepare to cherish  every second You give us with this little boy (and may there be many) but come, Lord Jesus, come…
As Christ’s Church, His redemptive return is our great and certain hope. Here a few ways you can be helping & hoping alongside of us in this imminent season…
  1. Celebrate with us! We have a son, and the time for us to meet Abel Paul is near!
  2. Holler at us! We are always encouraged by any emails, texts or calls.
  3. PRAY with us! Praise him for the gospel (Romans 6:23), and boldly ask healing for Abel (Luke 18:7) and eternal perspective for his parents (2 Corinthians 4:16-18).
We love you guys!

One thought on “Imminence

  1. What an awesome post, as usual! The light in both of you is shining brightly and I celebrate with you that the day to meet your precious son is getting closer. Blesses to you all.


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