1:29 PM

At our very first Doctor’s appointment on June 22nd, we learned that we were just over two months pregnant with an anticipated birthday of January 29, 2016. Obviously, we’ve learned a lot since then… most significantly that our child is a boy (who we’ve named Abel Paul), and that by all possible indicators, our son was conceived with Trisomy-18.
Even though many, many children with this condition will pass away prior to birth, we’re privileged to have just passed the 20-week ‘halfway’ marker with our boy continuing to grow (as evidenced by his mama’s new tummy!). It’s still a very long road that lies ahead and all medical feedback remains discouraging at this point, but we are thanking God each day for the 5 months & counting we’ve been given thus far with Abel in our lives.
Rachel Bernard, a special friend from our time in Haiti, asked Kelly if there was a meaningful time for her to commit to praying for Abel each day. We were touched by that sentiment, and landed quickly on an answer. Whether his birth would land exactly on January 29th or not, we decided that 1:29 PM would symbolize what we are praying boldly for… that Kelly will have the privilege of carrying Abel Paul full-term, and that he would be born with a fully developed & healthy body despite the daunting diagnosis.
With that hope in mind, we’d like to invite anyone who is reading along with this blog to set a daily alarm/alert for 1:29PM and offer up a quick & specific prayer for Abel’s health & healing — A coordinated prayer effort like this would be really special for us, as there’s something encouraging about the idea of dozens (or hundreds!) of people taking a moment to speak our son Abel’s name together at the same time… and all from different cities, states, and countries.
Also in the spirit of birthdays and 29’s, it’s this guy’s 29th birthday tomorrow… and the request above/below would be the best gift I could get from anybody 🙂  I recognize that 1:29 PM lands smack in the middle of everyone’s already-busy day, so something to the tune of this 30-second prayer would MORE than suffice: 

Lord – We pray today for Abel Paul Crawford. We believe that You are sovereign, and that You have a plan and a purpose for his young life.

We ask you boldly… we beg You, Lord… to glorify Yourself by miraculously healing his sick body so that Abel will be born completely healthy.

Help Kelly & Daniel keep their eyes fixed firmly upon You in this season of uncertainty, being consistently reminded that You are GOOD, You can be trusted, and You alone are worthy of our praise in any outcome…

We pray these things in Jesus’ name, who offers the free gift of salvation to all who confess, repent & believe in Him by grace through faith. Amen.

Blessed and encouraged by you all. Next appt is set for Monday, Sept 28th @ 2pm  so we will be in touch shortly thereafter…
Much love,

9 thoughts on “1:29 PM

  1. I’d love to pray with you at 1:29 PM daily. I am in California. Please let me know what time zone you are in so that I can set my alarm accordingly 🙂


  2. Dear Precious Daniel and Kelly,

    The TWO of you are such a tender, yet powerful picture of faith. The love of The Father shines in every account you write about your precious son. The THREE of you are making such a difference in our world! You bring a much-needed message of God’s unconditional love in a crazy world of unbridled hate…I just marvel at the huge impact Abel Paul has already made in his short lifetime. How many of us can say the same?? . . And we have lived outside the womb for many, many years! But, precious as baby Crawford is, this powerful message of love is only possible because of the unwavering faith of his loving Mommie and Daddy. Abel Paul would otherwise not have a “voice.” We are truly blessed by your willingness to accept the special gift God has lovingly given you. Thank you for your grace and willingness to share Abel Paul with us. I can only imagine how the three of you are touching the lives of the doctors, nurses and hospital staff.

    I will be praying at 1:29 daily. May God continue to bless you – He has incredible plans for you!

    In His Love,

    Lisa Fabian

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  3. Dear Daniel, Kelly and Abel, I came across a picture of your precious bundle of joy by “accident” on Instagram today and felt compelled to read your story. As I was reading this blog and started the paragraph 1:29, I looked up at my clock and it was exactly 1:29.. God speaks! I prayed for your son and family at that very moment with tears in my eyes! I truly believe in the power of prayer and may God continue to bless you!


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