Our First Son.

On June 22, 2015 a sonogram confirmed that we were 8 weeks pregnant with our first child. God had entrusted us with a little human life!  A few short weeks later on July 13th, we found out that our baby was a boy — Abel Paul Crawford, the namesake of this site. But along with that news, we also discovered that our son had triggered a positive test result for a concerning chromosomal abnormality. Three days later, a high-resolution sonogram with a prenatal specialist left us diagnosed at 99% for a condition called Trisomy 18 (also known as Edwards Syndrome). If this diagnosis holds, it will all but certainly take his life either late in utero or quickly after birth.
We decided to create this blog as a way to update & communicate with folks throughout the second and third trimesters of our pregnancy with Abel.  As followers of Christ, we also hope to record our ongoing reflections as we strive to walk faithfully with him through this very challenging and uncertain season of life. We are constantly comforted by the reminder that he is a Savior who was both fully God and fully man, and can sympathize completely with our pain and our struggles (Colossians 1:19-20, John 11:33-35, Hebrews 12:2-3).
We are also committed to praying for Abel’s health & healing, and would be blessed and encouraged for you to join us in that. We are about 1 month removed from our last Dr’s appointment, and it will be another 11 days until we are able to gather new information from our next one on September 1st (Kelly will be ~18wks at that time and the ultrasound should give us a better understanding of the severity of Abel’s condition). So while we don’t have any new medical information regarding his health right now, our community of faith has helped us gain a lot of clarity regarding how to pray & process in this season of uncertainty… This quote from a new friend of ours named Matt Mooney sums up beautifully what the Lord has been using His Church to tell us over the past few weeks:
“In my prayer times, there seemed to be two options available to me as a believer, each justified in Scripture but polar opposites… I could accept this tragedy as my lot in life—passing through the hand of the only One able to change things, for it is He who is in control of all things, sovereign and at work in every good gift and terrible occurrence. I could resign myself to an inevitable outcome, and my prayer would be that He be near to us, not to overwhelm us, and to fulfill His claims in our time of need. And I prayed that. Yet, despite how plausible and appropriate such a prayer seemed, I was unable not to append a cry for more. And so I did. My life of faith in Christ told me to believe—against rational leanings otherwise—that God was able and that He actually requested me to ask Him the impossible, all with the believing heart of a child. He would have to tell me no, and it would not be for lack of asking if He refused the answers that I sought… I would beg for healing or misdiagnosis—any miracle would suffice. I asked that the nursery be needed, prayers lasting for long stretches but containing very few words: Please let us know this child.” (A Story Unfinished: 99 Days with Eliot, p.57 — this 6-min video captures Matt & Ginny’s sweet time with Eliot )
To sum that up, we’d love for you to join us in praying for the following:
  1. For healing or misdiagnosis
  2. For life and time here on earth with our first child, Abel Paul
  3. Most importantly, that God would strengthen & equip us for the days ahead with the courage to say, “Not our will, but your will be done.” He is more than worthy of our praise no matter the outcome.
And if you could also please be praying for our Doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, September 1st… that regardless of whether the latest medical updates are encouraging or discouraging to our hearts, that we would continue to trust & seek the Lord and walk faithfully in this season.

6 thoughts on “Our First Son.

  1. My thoughts and prayers go out to you as I read this this morning! We serve an awesome God who not only hears the cries of His children but answers those cries. They may not always be in the way we would ask, but be in the center of His will! I will pray for that to happen for Abel Paul and for God’s grace and mercy to abound! I believe in the love of our dear Lord and in His infinite wisdom in all things! May His peace and love surround you as you wait in His time!

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  2. What a beautiful message shared by your new friend Matt Mooney!!! I love that way of thinking!! I will absolutely be praying for both of you and your families as the days pass and September 1st quickly approaches. Our Lord God is amazing. Anything is possible with His mercy and grace on your side!!! May God Bless you all, especially Abel. Believe in Miracles!!!


  3. We love you and pray for Abel Paul to be a healthy full term baby boy. God will use all of you for his glory. We will keep in touch . CALMES


  4. I am deeply moved by your unwavering faith and maturity, knowing that God is using your lives and that of baby Abel for a reason greater than anyone can imagine. I will be praying for Him to bless you with a miracle and a healthy baby boy.


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